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About NOS



Organisational Objectives

  • For the individual staff member, the system will guide the individual in the implementation and tracking of their personal development to meet organisational and personal objectives.

  • Provide functionality to create, edit and delete National Occupational Standards (NOS) through an online interface.

  • The System will help an individual to maintain competence against the requirements of the NOS.

  • Managers can set competency objectives for the organisation and establish progress by the organisation as a whole towards these goals. Managers can view progress towards goals by organisation, division, branch, office, station or role.

  • The system will provide facilities for local assessors to record and update their assessments, wherever they are through a straightforward WEB interface. Maintenance of existing competences will be supported through a diary system prompting for new re-assessments at predetermined frequencies.

  • The system will allow staff (and assessors) to see an appropriate view of their status in terms of competences within their current role. Thus, determination of individual (and group) skills gap is supported. Reporting on team competences at multiple levels will allow managers to determine training requirements, target training and optimise effectiveness whilst minimising training costs.

  • The system will provide each individual within the organisation with their own personal development space in which they can set objectives, track personal progress against objectives and maintain an electronic "Pass Book".

System Objectives

  • The system will provide accurate management information.

  • The system will be consistent across the organisation.

  • The system will be quick and easy for users to learn and use.

  • To provide a system that will support the change over to IPDS through powerful but easy to use functionality.

  • To empower Fire Services to gain full benefit of IPDS in terms of risk assessment and optimisation of resources.

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