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About NOS


National Occupational Standards (NOS)

National Occupational Standards describe what people have to do in their workplace and the standard of work they should achieve. NOS also describe the essential areas of knowledge; understanding and skills people are expected to demonstrate in their employment. National Occupational Standards have been agreed by employers and employee representatives and approved by the Education Regulatory Authorities.

National Occupational Standards are divided into units, each covering a key component of a job. Units are further divided into elements (different activities). Each element contains performance criteria; these are clear statements by which an individual can judge whether their work is up to the required standard. Each unit also specifies the knowledge and understanding and personal competencies (attributes) individuals need to perform competently.

NOS can therefore be used to help develop the knowledge, skills and performance individuals need, or to diagnose where an individual may be experiencing problems and enable them to tackle these. It is useful to think of National Occupational Standards as a requirements specification detailing the key components and performance requirements of a job.

Advance, brite-sparks integrated personal development system currently covers Public Services functions. Other sets of NOS will be added as required.

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