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Inventory Reduction

Reductions in overhead and expenditure are key business requirements. brite-sparks virtual pooling services provides immediate cash savings to our members via reductions in spare part and mro inventory stocks. Surplus inventory can be sold quickly via brite-sparks targeted sales and auction services .

Upgrading your Manufacturing Processes

Donít skip the old Kit! Ė Sell it through brite-sparks Surplus Inventory Sales. Much of this equipment is in perfect working order. Donít throw it away get your Project Manager to factor its disposal through brite-sparks surplus sales. Sell it now before you stop using itóSell it before it degrades---Get top dollar with brite-sparks.com. Advanced Sales

Members Free Classified Adds

brite-sparks provides a powerful venue for the sale of component parts, machines or complete production lines. There is no cost involved in placing advertisements and no margin charged on sales. The power of Internet Advertising is used to make your surplus equipment available and visible World-Wide.

Targeted Updates

Register for frequent updates on new or specific items placed in our Sale or Auction Rooms. Never miss a bargain again! Updates are sent by email or targeted SMS. Buyers can configure updates to receive details on specific equipment. Register for this service today. Buyer registration

Simple and straightforward

We pride ourselves that entering items into the Classifieds is simple and straightforward. brite-sparks provides, in association with its partners, efficient transportation services for the carriage of sale items.

No commission is charged by brite-sparks on Classifieds items.