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Mission statement

brite-sparks.com has as its mission to apply Internet technologies to unlock new opportunities for business and public services organisations to manage compliance to reduce costs and increase profitability. brite-sparks Internet based technologies empower B2B collaboration and cooperation to meet regularity compliance, cut inventories and fuel productivity gains to increase returns and effectiveness.

  • A second objective is to do this within the East Midlands we all enjoy working and living here and wish to aid the local economy by providing a spur to local business to embrace technologies to improve competitiveness.

  • The emphasis will be on providing a complete service including consultancy to organise and codify requirements, through to the supply of technologies and software that match customer requirements.


Our primary focus will be to produce solutions that are customer and not technology driven, and to exceed customer requirements and expectations in every solution we deliver.

brite-sparks.com will become a dominant force in Global B2B collaboration by developing and supplying products and services that clearly save time and money and are simple and straightforward to use and apply. brite-sparks is a privately held company headquartered in Nottingham England

Inventory Pooling Services

brite-sparks.com examines the commonality of spare parts holdings within your organisation, business and locality to provide inventory reduction targets specific to your business and locality. Inventory reductions of 30% are achievable within virtual pooling networks.

Spare Parts Location Services

brite-sparks spare parts location services provide a comprehensive global search facility that interrogates the spare parts holdings of suppliers and member companies worldwide to locate that vital spare part. brite-sparks will facilitate the purchase and transportation of the part via allied parcel and courier services to restore broken plant promptly to full production.

Strelley Hall

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