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Consultancy Services

Automated manufacturing processes (SCADA, PLC, Drives and Manufacturing Control Systems) are cost-effective and enable major advances in productivity. A drawback is that equipment failures can have a disastrous effect on production outputs and the on-time fulfilment of customer orders. Downtime for automated processes is often costly and may generate problems with just-in-time supply chains. Expert help is often essential to restore automated processes to full production.

Our experts are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Automation control engineers may not be available in-house or, via service contracts, available when required. brite-sparks provides online, JIT direct access to experienced automation control engineers. Our experts are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to assist in-house production and maintenance teams in solving manufacturing problems. brite-sparks Automation Control Engineers and Manufacturing experts are skilled at returning manufacturing processes quickly to full and profitable production.

Risk Free Trial

brite-sparks.Com provides an initial 10 minutes of free discussion within every consultation so that providers of advice and consultancy and recipients of consultancy services can ascertain the nature of the problem plus the knowledge, experience, competency and appropriateness of the consultant and the advice offered. Only after this initial 10-minute screening has been undertaken and acceptance of the consultant signalled by the recipient will charges be levied. Once accepted, the Corporate member buys a number of hours service from the consultant via brite-sparks. The consultant can see the hours purchased via the brite-sparks website. Purchased hours can be topped up at any point.

brite-sparks charges only a modest commission to consultants for the provision of these services ensuring motivated, world-class consultancy support to your in-house teams.

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