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Our Requirements

  • Are you an experienced automation controls engineer or a computer professional with manufacturing systems experience and some spare time on your hands?

  • Do you possess a clear logical approach to problem solving coupled with the ability to communicate clearly and concisely?

  • If your answers are yes-----Then why not apply to join our international team of professionals to advise manufacturing and process industry worldwide.

How it works

  • First complete the registration form

  • Download brite-sparks IOS application plus our sales and promotional material onto your business laptop.

  • Familiarise yourself with our products and services

  • Start earning by providing online support advice to brite-sparks clients.

  • Earn more by promoting brite-sparks services to local industry and earn commissions on the clients you enrol.

  • Maintain that earning stream by becoming the Brite-Spark consultant of choice to the factories and organisations you enrol.

Our Services

  • brite-sparks Manufacturing Support Services,  provides global 24 x 7 x 365 support to manufacturing industry via experts situated around the world.

  • brite-sparks Virtual Spare Parts Pooling: enables the intelligent reduction of spare parts inventories.

  • brite-sparks Sales Rooms: sell surplus spare parts and components via brite-sparks classifieds.

Our Promise

  • We promise to pay you promptly and accurately for your work.

  • We promise to reward you on your initiative, enterprise and results.

  • We promise to listen to your suggestions and recommendations and tailor our services accordingly.

  • We promise to provide you with the best sales and support materials we can provide.

  • We promise to provide the best and most appropriate technologies to you and our clients.

  • We promise to keep you updated on developments and improvements via regular emails.

brite-sparks charges only a modest commission to consultants for the provision of these services ensuring motivated, world-class consultancy support to your in-house teams.

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