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Health & Safety Conformance
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Asset and Compliance Tracking - (ACT)

Managing an organisation's assets may appear on the surface a simple task, everything in its right place available at the right time but in large services tracking your assets is a challenge. Companies lose stock, orders can be imprecise and people can end up requiring assets which have simply been misplaced. In the case of a service such as the police or military not having the right equipment in the right place could lead to a loss of life.

In a organisation where the quality of these assets and their maintenance history is of critical importance to the service of the organisation such as the Health Service, Fire Service and the Automotive Industry, these problems are compounded by the inevitable testing of these assets. If a faulty asset ends up being used then the problem can become a potentially fatal one and unless the organisation can prevent these situations occurring the repercussions could be grave.

How does an organisation manage these problems against hundreds of thousands of assets in a manner that every employee can undertake simply and efficiently in order to eliminate risk, based around their location, maintenance and condition?

Brite-Sparks ACT supplies the answer. ACT enables an organisation to locate all of their assets in a variety of manners and provides the ability to prove maintenance over the entire lifetime of an asset. There will no longer be the possibility of faulty, lost or damaged equipment causing your company loss. From a simple set of equipment consisting of a handheld barcode scanner, brite-sparks ACT software and simple barcode printing software you can manage your organisations entire asset maintenance schedule, track containers, report on all of your assets via their location, condition and even give customers the ability to know what an entire shipment contains in just one scan!

All the people responsible for maintaining assets can be reminded at any time before the test date by the ACT system to test a specific asset at a specific location, if these tests are ignored, their supervisor can be informed and if tests are still not carried out this escalation feature can continue until all parties ultimately responsible for the asset are informed. Brite-Sparks ACT even offers integration with Microsoft Outlook calendaring to provide alerts when assets are due for testing or missing.

Your asset record can be managed by Brite-Sparks, offering security and reliability at a budget cost, or you can host the intranet version offering your organisation the ability to organise the support and backup of your asset registry through your regular supplier and the ability to add extra security as you see fit.

Developed in association with the UK Fire & Rescue Services. ACT ensures that statutory, safety and environmental compliance duties have been undertaken and recorded.

  • ACT (brite-sparks asset and compliance tracking system) monitors assets and safety compliance documentation and status throughout the entire organisation.
  • ACT software was developed in association with the UK Fire & Rescue Services to ensure fast and error free operation.
  • ACT provides proof that the asset has been viewed during the inspection
  • ACT provides proof of an inspection at a specific location at a specific time by a specific individual.
  • ACT schedules and records inspection, test and maintenance tasks ensuring compliance with H&S legislation.
  • ACT reports on the compliance of all assets and systems
  • ACT reports on lost or mislaid assets
  • ACT reports on the movement of all assets
  • ACT reports on the location and state of all assets
  • ACT reports on the status of repair operations.
  • ACT reports on test and inspection failures
  • ACT maintains and reports on financial data associated with the purchase, lease or maintenance of defined assets.
  • ACT reports the total cost of ownership by asset.
  • ACT produces timely test and maintenance schedules, records results and provides exception reports when these have not been met.
  • ACT allies test and maintenance schedules to competencies - ensuring that tests are carried out by competent individuals.
  • ACT provides electronic notification of missed asset deadlines, including testing and lease return due dates.
  • ACT emails exception reports up the chain of command ensuring that tests and inspections are never missed in future.

ACT Hardware (The Complete Solution)back to top

ACT provides a complete solution to your Asset & Conformance tracking needs. brite-sparks ACT professionals examine your asset and safety conformance requirements and adapt both the hardware and software systems to provide a faultless conformance tracking solution tailored to your specific needs.

ACT Rugged Systems

Our systems use rugged low cost polyester or robust laser etched metal barcode labels to provide a single solution for industrial and office assets within an organisation.

ACT Polyester Labels (office assets)

  • We supply thermal dye transfer printers and labels for identifying internal processes and assets.
  • We also supply the full range of label printing software and supplies including protective over-wraps for marking in-house assets.

ACT Anodised Aluminium Tags (Industrial Strength)

  • Photographically etched onto aluminium the barcode and copy is sealed beneath an anodised layer for total protection and years of dependable service in the most demanding of harsh environments.
  • High resolution deeply etched barcodes provide high contrast and read first time reliability.
  • Tags will resist physical abrasion, chemicals, sun, sand, salt air and extreme cold and high temperatures.
  • Tags are supplied with Hi-Strength and Hi-Tac 3M adhesives backing for total adhesion.

ACT Formats

  • Foil: supplied in peel off labels 0.003" (0.08mm) thick, are easily applied and conform to most surfaces.
  • Plates: supplied in 0.008" (0.2mm) or greater with options for one or two hole fixing
  • Teflon Coating: Designed for caustic industrial applications these labels will withstand Chemicals, Solvents, dirt, grime, abrasion even dried paint cleans off easily.
  • Ceramic: The ultimate in durability ceramic over stainless steel tags have a predicted service life exceeding 100 years.

ACT Scanners

  • ACT uses Symbols revolutionary CS 2000 scanner to provide "Go Anywhere Scanning Convenience" in an affordable consumer product format. It's ideal for fast scanning assets in batch quantities below 500.
  • For larger batches, Symbol's LS 407X scanners provide an ergonomic and drop proof solution for portable barcode reading.

ACT Software (The complete Solution)back to top

  • ACTis simple and intuitive. The software was developed in association with the UK Fire Services to ensure fast and error free operation.
  • ACT solutions provide an unrivalled flexibility, utility and demonstrable conformance to health and safety legislation for organisations Worldwide.
  • ACT is hosted on our fast dedicated servers. ACT provides 24x7 availability and utility accessed from any Internet connected PC.
  • ACT enables mobile, fixed and operational assets to be associated with testing regimes and inspection schedules, ensuring that irrespective of their geographical location impending test requirements are signalled to the appropriate location manager.
  • ACT provides a robust digital repository for all asset and compliance records, delivering an unrivalled, accurate and real-time authentication of conformance.
  • ACT signals failures to conduct inspection up the chain of command providing failsafe compliance reminders.

On-Line Procedures & Documents

  • ACT provides a single digital repository for safety documents and procedures.
  • ACT ensures that a single central safety update, updates all users across your entire organisation.
  • ACT associates assets with multi media clips and documents, including photographs, drawings, diagrams, sound and video.
  • ACT enables central digital inspection and training procedures to be viewed online prior to undertaking the inspection.
  • ACT contract management features optimise and automate leasing, contracts, warranties and insurance renewals.
  • ACT stores contracts, service and guarantee documents with asset data ensuring that crucial documentation is immediately available.
  • ACT procurement tools disclose which assets are available within your organisation or group. Look before you make a procurement leap.

ACT provides a unique one-stop solution to statutory compliance management. Developed and tested in association with the UK fire and rescue services ACT provides the most comprehensive solutions to safety conformance management available today.

ACT enables health safety & environmental compliance professionals to monitor the organisation compliance conformance from their Desktops. ACT provides a complete compliance overview of the organisation indicating slipping or late compliance task completion by location or individual.

ACT provides the tools to implement health and safety conformance across the entire organisation, irrespective of its geographical spread.

ACT ensures timely and orderly notification of procedure changes.

ACT ensures that new procedures are read before the individual is authorised to undertake new or changed inspections.

ACT management tools enable a single central update of a safety, maintenance or training procedure to be applied immediately across the entire organisation. Henceforward, engineering personnel carrying out maintenance or inspections duties will be warned that the process has changed and that they need to sign that they have read and understood the new procedure before they are allowed to carry out the task.

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Health and safety conformance

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