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Health & Safety Conformance
ACT Demo
ACT Server Architecture


Health and Safety Conformance

brite-sparks ACT solutions provide an unrivalled flexibility, utility and demonstrable conformance to health and safety legislation for Fire Services Worldwide.

Rugged System

The system uses rugged low cost polyester and robust laser etched metal barcode labels to provide a single solution for all operational and office assets within a brigade.

Conformance Tracking

Operational assets can be associated with testing regimes and inspection schedules to ensure that irrespective of their geographical location the test requirement is signalled to the appropriate station officer. The system provides a robust digital repository for all asset and compliance records, delivering an unrivalled, accurate and real-time authentication of conformance. Failures to conduct inspections are progressively signalled up the chain of command.


  • Provides proof that the asset has been viewed during the inspection.
  • Provides proof of inspection at a specific location at a specific time by a specific individual.
  • Accessible from any brigade PC with Internet connectivity.
  • The system schedules and records test and maintenance schedules, demonstrating compliance and conformance with H&S legislation.
  • Provides a report listing all lost assets.
  • Maintains and reports on the movements of all assets.
  • Maintains and reports on the location and state of all assets.
  • Maintains and reports on repair operations.
  • Reports on test failures.
  • Maintains and reports on financial data associated with purchase, lease or maintenance of defined assets.
  • Reports on the total cost of ownership.
  • Produces timely test and maintenance schedules, records results and provides exception reports when these have not been met.
  • Allies test and maintenance schedules to competencies - ensuring that tests are carried out by competent individuals.
  • Provides electronic notification of missed asset deadlines, including testing and lease return due dates.
  • E-mailed exception reports are progressively signalled up the chain of command.

For further information contact Joe Rice or contact Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue for an unbiased view of our system and our corporate competencies.

For further information contact Joe Rice