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brite-sparks membership is available to Businesses, Trading Organisations and Individuals who are interested in understanding and promoting brite-sparks business solutions. Our products and services are targeted at providing concrete and ongoing capital savings to businesses. Become a brite-sparks associate and market brite-sparks products and services in your locality.

Look around the site we offer a first-class business service that demonstrably saves businesses money. Help us get our message across to businesses in your locality. Interested users are asked to register as Associates. This will not result in floods of unwanted email, only occasional brief newsletters will be sent out to Associates containing URLs of new and relevant information.

Download the promotional material and set up an affiliate link on your website, we pay 20% for every new subscriber with an ongoing 5% on renewals. Take this opportunity today and develop a pooling cluster amongst businesses in your locality---Grasp this opportunity Now!

Associates will be able to browse most parts of the brite-sparks website. For example, Associates can search the Classifieds sales and wanted items. However, only subscribed Corporate members will have access to the necessary communication details to set up transactions.

Associates can unsubscribe from brite-sparks newsletter feeds by clicking the unsubscribe link included within every newsletter.

Details of Associates will be stored securely and will never be passed to third parties.

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