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Be a part of brite-sparks Success!

Before reading any further disregard all thoughts of pyramid selling, team working, uplines, downlines, and all that nonsense. As a Brite Sparks Associate you are our local point of contact with our customers, your competence, happiness, motivation and success are key to our joint prosperity. We have developed a range of first class products and services, we require first rate associates and consultants to market and support these services, and we pay generous rates and commissions to enthuse and motivate you. Commission structures are simple, easily understood and totally transparent. Brite Sparks seeks to have an open, supportive, and long-term relationship with its Consultants and Associates, which requires integrity from all parties. 

In simple terms the brite-sparks ethos ensures everyone prospers, to succeed it requires continued support and collaboration from customers, associates and consultants to grow and prosper.

So having explored what brite-sparks isn’t let’s think about what it is….

How can I fit in to the brite-sparks business?

Having already, we hope, looked in some detail at the web site you will already know the range of services that are offered by brite-sparks and you will also know that it is a subscription based enterprise which has few complications. You can become involved in one of three ways:

  • As a Consultant offering your services directly to brite-sparks members for an hourly rate for which brite-sparks will take a straightforward 10% commission on any work generated through the web site.

  • As an Associate helping to market and distribute the brite-sparks products for which you will be paid a generous commission. This commission will be 20% on new subscriptions with further commissions being paid on renewals.

  • A combination of the two. It is likely that when marketing some of the brite-sparks services enabling or additional work will be required on customer sites. This additional work is preferably undertaken by local brite-sparks affiliates/consultants familiar with brite-sparks services and requirements.

You have the freedom to operate in any way you wish, subject to brite-sparks quality provisions and can switch between any of the three methods at any time.

What’s in it for me?

We are looking for a long-term relationship, which is profitable both for you and the brite-sparks Company. In terms of being a brite-sparks consultant providing services over the net or in person the rewards are largely in your own hands. You set the hourly rate that you are prepared to work for (after allowing for brite-sparks commissions) and any work you carry out is charged to brite-sparks subscribers and credited to you. You will however have to carry out some dialogue with customers in order for them to evaluate your skills before chargeable time begins.

In terms of acting as an Associate the process is a little more complex but nevertheless straightforward. For every brite-sparks site subscription @ £1,000, you will be paid £200. This is a significant amount of commission on a sale, which demonstrates brite-sparks clear commitment to share in the success of the company.

What about the ongoing commissions?

Clearly brite-sparks wants to continue to give you the rewards for your initial sales success and therefore a continuing commission will be paid on each renewal. However, care has to be taken to guard against those individuals who would sit back and reap the benefits of previous sales without continuing to contribute to the success of the company.

With this in mind a stratified commission system for ongoing commissions has been developed which takes into account two factors:

  • Initial sign ups will be fast and this degree of new business generation cannot be expected every year.

  • There has to be an incentive to sign up new business and promote new products.

In order to achieve this, a base commission on first year renewals has been set at £50. You will get this even if you never sell another subscription. However in future years your commission on these prior year sales will gradually reduce unless you meet certain new business targets. These targets will be up front, clear and will not vary. 

The targets for prior year business work according to the following table:

The targets for prior year

Volume of Sales compared to prior year 

Multiplier in Year Two (comparing with year one)

Multiplier in Subsequent  Years (comparing with prior year) 

100%  1.0 1.0
90%  1.0 0.9
70%  1.0 0.8

Commission Calculator


  2001   2002   2003   2004   2005   2006   Onwards..
New Subscriptions(Current Year Sales)               
Prior Customers (Customers remaining from prior years)            
1st Year Renewals(Customers renewing for the first time)            
Prior Renewals (Customers renewing in subsequent years)                
Sale Commissions @ £200  £ £ £ £ £ £ £
Renewal Commissions @ £50     £ £ £ £ £ £
Business Growth Multiplier  % % % % % % %
Subsequent Commissions     £ £ £ £ £ £

Annual Sterling Earnings 

£ £  £ £ £ £ £

Local Currency Earnings 



Local Currency Converter

Enter The Number to the 


It can be clearly seen therefore that whilst brite-sparks is happy to reward you for previous years subscription renewals the real money remains in new subscription and product sales.

How and when will you pay me?

Affiliation and Consultancy fees will be paid by Stirling cheque sent to you to arrive by post not later than 15th of the month following the month end. i.e. commission due on sales or consultancy transacted on January 22nd would be paid to you not later than February 15th.

If however you are not based in the UK you may prefer to trigger your payments at particular values. For example you may wish to have monies paid to you when the value reaches £100 or £1,000 or indeed any other amount you choose. This is simply a matter of your choice and will depend on local conditions for the banking of foreign currency cheques. Alternative payment channels will be added as they become available and cost-effective.  

What support does brite-sparks offer?

Once you have been accepted by brite-sparks you may download your official accreditation plus brite-sparks promotional materials including presentations, brochures, business cards, etc. brite-sparks also provides support services specific to its affiliates and consultants program via newsletters, emails and educational materials. 

Consultants can access brite-sparks comprehensive knowledge base providing unrivalled intelligence on manufacturing productivity and inventory management. It is anticipated that you will also log problems and fixes on the site to assist other consultants.

brite-sparks has it’s own staff of experienced consultants who will help out as required. It should be emphasized however that you should be competent to carry out the work yourself and that the support network is available to help you and not to do the job for you.

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