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Inventory Reduction

MRO (maintenance, repair and operational) costs are typically 2%-5% of annual sales. brite-sparks.com provides a mechanism to examine the commonality of spare parts and MRO stock holdings within your organisation, business and locality to provide inventory reduction targets specific to your business and vicinity. Inventory reductions of up to 30% are achievable within virtual pooling networks. This is a significant saving for any size of organisation. Acquisition of new or pre-used equipment through brite-sparks Classifieds may provide further cost-saving opportunities.


Reductions in inventory costs are a key business requirement. In practice this means a reduction in replenishment order quantities plus the sale and disposal of surplus stocks. brite-sparks provides a powerful venue for the sale of component parts, complete machines and production lines. There is no cost to members for placing advertisements and no margin charged on sales. The power of Internet Advertising is used to make your surplus components and machinery available and visible world-wide. >>More

Spare Parts Pooling

Frequently manufacturing and service organisations hold spare parts and consumables equivalent to 2% -5% of annual sales that may sit on shelves for years. Inventory turn rates are often well below 1 and are typically around 1/6th of a turn per annum. This is an extravagant waste of resources, particularly in a modern wired economy where brite-sparks.comís large databases can pinpoint surplus spare parts availability within seconds and initiate virtual spare parts pooling partnerships. Spare parts pooling, virtually pools commonly held spare parts data to provide inventory reductions.

brite-sparks.com examines the commonality of spare parts holdings within your locality, region and country to calculate these reductions. Coupled with this reduction brite-sparks.com provides a quick spare-parts exchange service between members via local couriers. >>More

Online Manufacturing Experts

Providing effective technical support on a 24 - 7 basis to assist in-house production and maintenance teams in solving manufacturing problems is often impossible via traditional means. brite-sparks.com provides online expert advice and consultancy support to manufacturing businesses world-wide. brite-sparks consultancy services are available when you need them and at a competitive hourly rates. Start reducing your Overheads and Expenditure Today! >>More

Fast Spare Parts Location Services

brite-sparks spare parts location services provide a comprehensive global search facility that interrogates the spare parts holdings of suppliers and member companies worldwide to locate that vital spare part. brite-sparks can facilitate the purchase and transportation of the part via allied parcel and courier services to promptly restore broken plant to full production.

Pooling of Manufacturing Insights

brite-sparks global reach ensures that you are informed on key manufacturing and business developments wherever they happen around the world. brite-sparks global membership ensures that you are kept abreast of the best manufacturing ideas and practices wherever they may emerge.