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Public Service Organisations
Cutting Business & Operational Costs
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IOS in public service organisations

brite-sparks provides a means for public service organisations to overlook each other's inventory and to collaboratively reduce stock levels whilst maintaining or improving service levels.

Reduced Costs Via:

-Purchase avoidance via cross region/cross service stock visibility.
-Purchase avoidance via improved data accuracy. 
-Purchase avoidance via commonality and pooling

IOS Application

The brite-sparks IOS (inventory optimisation system) enables users to establish optimum reorder levels and to pool stocks with other public sector organisations to effect savings.

Key Attributes

brite-sparks IOS acts as driver & change agent for commonality
Provides a migratory approach to commonality (No big Bang)
The Public Services are in the driving seat (we give you the tools)
No Capital Investment (Web based applications)
Scalable to whole of UK (again No additional Capital Investment)
Overview of complete UK stock holdings
Leverage National Purchasing + Include Other services

Deriving Best Value

brite-sparks empowers public service organisations to drive best value through the 4cs of challenge, compare, consult and compete.

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