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Associate Members: Free Registration

Associates are users with an interest in promoting brite-sparks products and services and are able to browse most areas of the brite-sparks website. brite-sparks registered associates will receive occasional product update notifications, newsletters, promotional materials and information bulletins. Register Now

Consultant Members: Free Registration

Consultants are Automation Engineers or Manufacturing Computer Professionals who wish to be involved in the promotion of brite-sparks services and/or the provision of online consultancy services primarily aimed at assisting companies worldwide in solving manufacturing problems. Consultants log into brite-sparks and register their availability. Register Now

Corporate members search for consultants with appropriate experience. Consultants register with brite-sparks through this page, providing detailed curriculum vitae. More

Corporate Members:

Corporate members are manufacturing companies, and organisations interested in reducing costs by collaborating to lower production down-time and inventory levels.

brite-sparks.com has developed a global solution for businesses worldwide to collectively leverage their talent, knowledge and experience in reducing costs and increasing productivity and profitability. More

brite-sparks services for Corporate members:

  • E-Procurement

  • Classifieds
  • Spare Parts Pooling
  • Fast Spare Parts
  • Location Services
  • Inventory Reduction.
  • Online Manufacturing Experts
  • Pooling of Manufacturing Insights
  • Manufacturing Intelligence
  • Customer Shaping of Products and Services

brite-sparks does not charge a commission on services, just a yearly subscription. The more you use brite-sparks the more cost effective it is.

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