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ACT Demo
ACT Server Architecture


Preferred WEB ACT Application Server Architecture


WEB ACT application Server architecture provides:

  • Smaller table size - thus faster query processing.
  • Variable application structure for individual customers - database driven menu structure within individual databases allows bespoke additional modules or software customisation for local requirements.
  • Graceful system growth to cope with increased customer demands.
  • Single point monitoring of access records and system security.
  • Centralised recording of application workflows.
  • Individual servers use hardened Linux to provide high security.
  • Servers use raid technology to provide data security and fault tolerance.
  • Single code base provides maximum code acceleration through code caching techniques.

WEB ACT Server Cluster Architecture

WEB ACT Server Cluster Architecture:

  • Code base switching if server failure occurs.
  • Automatic database replication between pairs of servers providing server switching in case of server failure.
  • Cross server rolling backups, automated on live databases.
  • No requirement for users to log off during backup.
  • Backup processes lock database tables to allow seamless backup.
  • Small database sizes allow fast rolling backups. Rolling backups stored on paired server.
  • Overnight backup to a separate ftp server on site.
  • Overnight backup to an offsite server.
  • On demand download of full database data available at all times to customers. Dynamically updated on demand.

WEB ACT Server Cluster - Expansion

WEB ACT Server Cluster Expansion provides:

  • Addition of paired replicated database server engines to handle high application processing demands.
  • Database query processing handled by extension database servers.
  • Application code directly supports multiple database engines without processing overhead.
  • Database servers can be separated from the code servers to further increase processing capability.