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inventory optimisation system - (IOS)

IOS, virtually pools commonly held spare parts data to provide inventory reduction projections. brite-sparks.com provides a venue for pooling spare parts data to facilitate collaborative inventory reductions within your locality, region and country. Calculate your potential savings now!

Many industries employ similar automation control systems and components to control and operate manufacturing processes.

Modern manufacturers use very similar control infrastructures including PLC’s, drives, sensors, motors, pneumatic and hydraulic valves, cylinders and actuators to produce a diverse range of products.

A significant business cost is involved in maintaining high levels of spare parts to support these manufacturing processes. Inventories have increased recently to meet even higher service level requirements. As the need to increase service levels rise, the amount of safety stock rises exponentially.

Few companies are pooling their inventory even between factories within the same group to reduce these costs. Many firms have only a basic idea of the spare parts stock they actually hold – others are holding stock they no longer need. Cost-effective disposal of surplus or obsolete stock is a problem in itself More

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