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At brite-sparks we pools the collective intellect of the Internet to unlock new opportunities for business to reduce costs and increase profitability. Our Internet based information and communication technologies empower B2B collaboration and cooperation to cut inventories, fuel productivity gains and increase returns.

Our key services include:

  • E-Procurement
  • Classifieds
  • Spare Parts Pooling
  • Fast Spare Parts
  • Location Services
  • Inventory Reduction.
  • Online Manufacturing Experts
  • Pooling of Manufacturing Insights
  • Manufacturing Intelligence
  • Customer Shaping of Products and Services

Inventory Reduction

Spare parts inventory costs are typically 2%-5% of annual sales. Our system examines the commonality of spare parts holdings within your organisation, business and locality to provide inventory reduction targets specific to your business and locality. Inventory reductions of 20% are achievable within virtual pooling networks.

Spare Parts Location

Spare parts location services provide a comprehensive global search facility that interrogates the spare parts holdings of suppliers and member companies worldwide to locate that vital spare part. Our system will facilitate the purchase and transportation of the part via allied parcel and courier services to restore broken plant promptly to full production.

Online Experts

Through our comprehensive network of control engineers and manufacturing computer professionals brite-sparks.com provides online expert advice and consultancy support to manufacturing business. Our experts are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to assist in-house production and maintenance teams in solving manufacturing problems.


Search our comprehensive knowledgebase for independent customer viewpoints on processes, strategies, systems, suppliers, technologies and components. Brite-Spark Member Company's decisions need no longer be predicated on singular experiences but can be based on the combined intelligence of the brite-sparks knowledgebase enabling better-informed data driven business decisions.


Business is under continued pressure to cut costs and improve item level performances- right first time- on time and on budget are key requirements for any business to survive and prosper. Modern manufacturing plants are employing increasingly sophisticated techniques to monitor manufacturing performances, including machine utilisation metrics such as OEE (Operational Equipment Effectiveness), MTBF (Mean Time between Failures), and MTTR (Mean Time to Repair).

These monitoring techniques allied to statistical process control and maintenance-planning tools assist cost reduction programs. However, the quickest methods of taking cost out of any process is to payless for the inputs and reduce the amount of cash wasted through sub optimal support. The key is to know your processes, know how they perform, and monitor how much they cost.

Beyond E-procurement

brite-sparks pooling technologies provide a business resource that pools the intellectual power of the Internet to optimise business and manufacturing processes. Information pooling engenders a Darwinian imperative to the selection of business and manufacturing processes. The global networked economy provides unparalleled scope for collaboration and partnership between and within businesses to reduce costs, share best practice and learn from each other's experience.

The future is collaborative-the pooling of intellect, experience and knowledge on a global scale provides unparalleled advantages to companies that collaborate through brite-sparks.com to drive down costs, improve profitability and exceed customer expectations. Access the best brains, apply the best ideas, help shape the new digital economy-- cooperate to accumulate.

Cost Reduction

Leveraged collaboration via digital exchanges does not stop at procurement, additional savings can be realised through pooling knowledge and techniques to reduce downtime and spare parts inventory. MTBF rates can be radically improved through the sharing of knowledge and the use of on-line manufacturing experts to advise on the quickest repair and return to production for broken plant.

The world is full of talented individuals. brite-sparks links and channels this talent to produce an unrivalled business resource to solve problems, reduce costs and increase productivity and profit.

Cost of MRO Procurement (Pooling Purchasing and Experience)

Intelligently reduce procurement costs by collaborating with others through brite-sparks.Com to pool knowledge, experience and purchasing power to obtain conforming quality supplies at the right price. Become an intelligent, informed, empowered consumer with brite-sparks.com.

Cost of Spare Parts (Pooling Inventory)

Typically manufacturing and service organisations have spare parts and consumables representing 2% -5% of annual sales sitting on shelves for years. Inventory turn rates are often well below 1 and are typically around 1/6th of a turn per annum. This is an extravagant waste of resources, particularly in a modern wired economy where brite-sparks.com's large databases can pinpoint surplus spare parts availability within seconds and initiate virtual spare parts pooling partnerships.

Human Resources (Pooling Knowledge)

Maintenance personnel are often under utilised for long periods of time and then a crop of faults will swamp all available resources necessitating weekend and overtime working to return plant to full operation. Are these faults unique, or have other maintenance teams experienced similar problems and developed fixes? Pool your manufacturing knowledge through brite-sparks.com to reduce downtime and MTTR rates.

Online Manufacturing Experts (Pooling Talent)

Get world class manufacturing experts to advise on the best solution to your manufacturing problems. The plant is down - it's the middle of the night-you need to get this order finished and delivered to a valued customer- What do you do? Get an online expert to advise you on the best course of action via brite-sparks.

Cost Saving

Goldman Sachs forecast a 10% reduction in purchasing costs of MRO supplies through the use of e-commerce exchanges. brite-sparks calculations indicate a potential 30%-90% reduction in safety stock levels on commonly held stock via the use of virtual spare parts pooling technologies.

A 10 company collaborative web can cut safety stock levels by 30% a 100 company collaborative web by 90% providing inventory reduction savings exceeding 20% with an ongoing saving of 5% annually.

Enhanced Profitability

Enhanced operational equipment effectiveness (OEE's) can be achieved through improved collaborative intelligence and collective life cycle analysis of common machinery failure. brite-sparks.Com will collate and publish data on the reliability of components and systems leading to enhanced utilisation for Brite-Spark members. Maintenance and procurement decisions can be driven by this collective intelligence to maximize utilisation and operational equipment effectiveness for members leading to improved profitability.


Social Shaping

The pooling of manufacturing intelligence and experience benefits all Brite-Spark members and suppliers and leads to an enhanced optimised feedback loop that drives quality, serviceability and reliability in the design and manufacture of business supplies, systems and processes. brite-sparks enhanced shaping of manufacturing and business processes ensures the rapid propagation of winning products and solutions ensuring that the fittest processes and systems survive and prosper.

Find out what works! Provide impartial feedback on systems and solutions that fail to delight- share experiences to drive improvements.

Supercharging Business Processes

brite-sparks.com manufacturing intelligence and enhanced social shaping provides member companies with a strategic advantage in today's business environment. Member company's decisions are no longer predicated on singular experiences but can be based on the combined intelligence and experience of the brite-sparks knowledgebase.

brite-sparks database technologies will collate these data to provide cogent information on winning strategies based on the collective intellect and know-how of our members and affiliates.

brite-sparks.Com (Global yet Local)

brite-sparks.com markets and supports its Internet collaborative products via local representatives. These are experienced control engineers and manufacturing computer professionals who know manufacturing. Webase our services on the empowerment of local representatives and affiliates primarily because business is about relationships.

These are first and foremost personal relationships and networks of business and personal relationships where participants know the capabilities and integrity of people and businesses they deal with. Where ever possible businesses will have a local brite-sparks representative who they can talk too.

Local brite-sparks will assist in configuring manufacturing and business systems to gain the maximum advantage from brite-sparks membership, they can advise on inventory reduction and pooling programmes specific to business needs and can assist preparation for brite-sparks membership by cataloguing current spare parts inventory prior to uploading to the brite-sparks site. Finally local brite-sparks can assist in placing surplus and unwanted inventory within the brite-sparks Classifieds.

Global Reach

brite-sparks global reach ensures that you are informed on key manufacturing and business developments wherever they happen around the world. brite-sparks global membership ensures that you are kept abreast of the best manufacturing ideas and practices wherever they may emerge.


E-Commerce Basics

Manufacturing industry consumes maintenance repair and operational inputs that can be further classified as consumables, repairable, and maintenance supplies. Each classification contains elements that are generic and others that are unique to a manufacturer or industry sector.

Traditional procurement necessitated transactions with a host of suppliers all requiring different procurement strategies. An e-commerce exchange brings together the users of products and services with the suppliers via a single electronic marketplace. E-commerce enables the streamlining of business processes via electronic requests for tender, electronic purchase orders and the integration of suppliers within a data driven supply chain.


brite-sparks.com provides a one-stop-shop for all your business and manufacturing needs producing savings and economies beyond straightforward e-procurement to include spare parts pooling, spare parts sourcing, online manufacturing experts, data driven life cycle analysis, data mining, process optimisation and manufacturing intelligence. In addition brite-sparks provides a non-aligned knowledgebase that summarises solutions from the customers viewpoint


Spare Parts Pooling

Many industries employ similar automation control systems and components to control and operate manufacturing processes. The modern equivalent of the Butcher, the Baker and the Candle Stick Maker apply very similar control infrastructures including PLC's drives, sensors, motors, pneumatic and hydraulic valves, cylinders and actuators to produce a diverse range of products. Most industries maintain high levels of spare parts to support these manufacturing processes.

These inventories have increased recently to meet even higher service level requirements. The cost of inventories are managed using a "safety stock" factor that seeks to satisfy a given percentage of demand. If demand histories are fairly standard, a safety stock factor of 1.60 should result in a 90% service level. As the need to increase this service level rises, the amount of safety stock rises exponentially. Using the same model, in order to achieve a 95% service level, the safety stock factor would have to increase to 2.06.

As safety stock factors increase, so does the cost of maintaining the inventory. Yet few companies are pooling their inventory even between factories within the same group to reduce these costs. Many firms have only a basic idea of the spare parts stock they actually hold - others are holding stock they no longer need.

Spare parts pooling, virtually pools commonly held spare parts data to provide inventory reduction projections. brite-sparks.com examines the commonality of spare parts holdings within your locality, region and country to calculate these reductions. Coupled with this reduction brite-sparks.com provides via local couriers a quick spare-parts exchange service between members.

Inventory Accuracy

For brite-sparks pooling services to work efficiently we need accurate data. The old adage of garbage in garbage out has particular relevance for pooling systems. To assist with inventory accuracy we provide detailed instructions on how to catalogue spare parts inventories. We also provide access to manufacturing systems experts who can assist in recording and itemising spare parts inventories.

Modest Membership Fees 

brite-sparks membership fees reflect the prerequisite for many organisations to classify and catalogue existing spare parts inventory prior to pooling. This activity is not trivial, particularly if prior spare parts inventory management has been lax or non existent. However, the task can be farmed out to a number of our affiliates who will provide an accurate and cost effective cataloguing service at modest cost.

Spare Parts Exchange

From time to time pooling company members will be requested to sell a surplus spare to another pool member who has suffered an abnormal succession of failures with the same component and is therefore temporarily out of stock. These situations will arise infrequently; most of these transfers will be local i.e. within the same locality or region. The recipient company will pay for the spare part and its transportation costs.

Spare Parts Location

brite-sparks provides via its extensive databases of stockists and member's spare parts inventories a global search facility to locate an essential spare part. The service will include express collection and transportation services to minimise downtime.


Collaboration between businesses via the pooling of talent, ideas, experience and inventory is the most certain way of developing and maintaining an economic advantage in this new global economy. The team in the long run will always outperform the talented individual. brite-sparks.com has developed a global solution for businesses worldwide to collectively leverage their talent, knowledge and experience to reduce costs and increase productivity and profitability. 

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